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Maria Niwashiro (丹代真利亜)
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Hello, this is a fake journal. I am not Maria Niwashiro because Maria Niwashiro is a fictional character played by saraswathi for weallfloat RPG. Thanks.

Name: Maria Niwashiro

Age: 28 29

Birthday: March 27

Special Abilities: None that she is aware of.

Ethnicity: Asian

Nationality: Miltian

Languages spoken: Galactic Standard (English), Japanese (Atalyan dialect), Korean (Michtam dialect--not proficient)

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Marital Status: Single

Personality: Maria is easygoing and fun--your typical stoner. She has a hard side, and some may even call her a bitch, but she's mostly a rather open-minded girl--if not without her vices. She also has a tendency to be oblivious to the point of insensitivity. She apparently has the same "females are superior" complex that Citrine has.

Though she's straightforward, snippy and a bit bitchy, Maria's full of life and generally a loyal friend. As Juli tells Roslin, "Maria's not a kind person. She can be harsh, and she doesn't understand compassion. But she's a loyal friend, and you can rely on her."

Maria's intense dependence on drugs has caused her many problems. However, Maria appears to be profoundly addicted to all manner of mind-altering substances, including alcohol and nicotine. According to what she says, she started with drugs at the age of thirteen--just after the Miltian Conflict.

History: Maria describes her childhood as a happy one. Apparently she lived with an adoptive family on Miltia, and after the Conflict was relocated.

Appearance: Maria is not particularly beautiful. Her physique is a little too thin, so that she looks like a bird. She usually dresses in thrift store clothing and unique jewelry. Her fashion sense is more or less...lacking. She bears a strong resemblance to Juli Mizrahi, in looks if not in manner.

Her story so far: Maria arrived on Miltia on vacation from her job as a secretary in Kalispera City on Michtam. Here, she met up with MOMO, who she was apparently surprised to see. Maria revealed that she had known Sakura Mizrahi. Later, Maria met up with Shion, whom she'd met on the UMN. A few days later, her friend and co-worker Roslin Orthas met up with Maria on Miltia. Roslin and Maria hung out together, to a disastrous result--Roslin revealed her attachments to Scientia while drunk. To help her friend, Maria sent her to Juli for help.

Later, Maria was involved in the confrontation with Albedo, where she loudly proclaimed misandrist sentiments echoing those of Citrine. She was taken to the Durandal, where she met up with her old friend, whom she had thought to be dead. Citrine revealed to Maria that she was dying, that Maria is a clone of Juli created by an obsessed Yuriev, and that there may be more to her than meets the eye. She also told Maria that Yuriev is still alive. Upset, Maria harbored Citrine in her room.

Maria is convinced that Juli is doing drugs, and this is why she has been acting oddly lately. Roslin, convinced that Juli is in a relationship, countered Maria's claim. Maria bet both Roslin and Shion 800g that they were wrong. Maria lost the bet. She offers advice to Ziggy on how to "get some" with Juli.

Inside the Encephalon, it was revealed that Maria is actually a clone of Juli created by Dmitry Yuriev. Roslin and Ziggy also learned that Maria had formerly been a geisha named Sato Tsuyuhatsu (里露初), and that she was kicked out for being a drug addict and for having a lesbian affair with another geisha named Sayuka. When Maria came into close contact with the Zohar emulators, her health suffered terribly. Prolonged exposure nearly killed her, but it was not evident why.

After learning that Maria had been adopted by Juli, Ziggy has begun to accept her as another stepdaughter. After the Encephalon dive, she admitted her fear to him and more or less forged a sort of strange bond.

Later, Maria met up with Allen, and the two of them shared a few details that they had learned in the Encephalon. Afterward, Maria and Citrine, against their better judgement, became lovers.

Ties to other characters:

Roslin Orthas

Juli Mizrahi
They're related, but how?

best childhood friends//lovers


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