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Wow, and suddenly everyone is just...gone.

But it gives me time to sort things out. Seriously, what's been going on lately? It's like everyone's on crack or something.

RECAP: I've apparently got a Realian sister. Okay, that shit is cool. I can deal. As long as we don't have to get all sappy and shit, and as long as we don't have to end up rehashing any shit about dead people.

My dear mother decides that she's sick of fourteen years of celibacy, but decides to try and get laid with a cyborg. I don't want to know how that worked out. In any case, it's probably one of the funniest things I've seen in my entire life.

I invite some chick from work to come chill on Miltia and it turns out she's got Secrets and Connections not unlike myself. So she's off dealing with them and freaking the fuck out. Of all the people who could have come along with me, it has to be the one with Secrets and Connections.

I went inside a robot's head and everyone got to see me being insane. That was a fun time.

As for Citrine...I don't know whether to be happy it finally happened or pissed because she's apparently dying. I don't think she can die though. She's a fighter. She'll live.

haha, this is hilarious


KALISPERA CITY, MICHTAM--Yearly drug testing in Kalispera City, the capital of Michtam, has revealed that the drug problem is at an all-time high. Earlier this month, staff at the major corporation Signomi were tested for drug use. Over 67% of staff were found to be using the designer drug Aemono, which went illegal on Michtam ten years ago.

Michtam officials consider this a problem since the majority ot tests revealed that other drugs had been used simultaneously with Aemono, the majority of them also illegal, and potentially far more dangerous than Aemono.

It is estimated that over half the population of Michtam is addicted to Aemono, which is generally taken as a powder dissolved in liquid. The effects of the drug are similar to marijuana, and can be found cheaply in many places on Michtam.

Signomi's drug policies are fairly lax, as are the Michtam government as a whole. Spokespeople for the corporation said there were no plans to fire any of the staff found using the drug. "Anyone else we got would probably be just as addicted as these women and men are. Why even bother?"

Michtam's drug problem has gained Federation-wide attention recently with the release of the Seraphim Sister's controversial song "Michtam Fever", which romanticizes life in Kalispera City's drug- and alcohol-ridden Saengson Ward.

That is hilarious. I live in Saengson Ward and we all think that song is the shit. It's got kind of crap lyrics, but we all think it's hilarious. We sing it when we get really, really drunk. And Signomi doesn't give a crap. Of course they won't fire anybody. No one there's got balls.
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Everyone is apparently leaving. No one has asked me to go along anywhere. I don't mind, really. I think I'll just stay here and try and work out some shit.

I've got a feeling that pretty soon here everything is about to go to hell.

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Met up with Eun Sun; I had only met her once before so I wasn't even too sure what she looked like when I went to see her. But she was really nice and bubbly and she sold me the stuff I needed (and some extra!!).

Some stuff happened.

Citrine: about taking me out. You don't have to do that. Don't stress out or anything, seriously.
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I was just watching television and I saw this channel which was totally weird; it was just a camera standing in front of a door and sitting there. It was like a security camera or something. I think this may be a channel made just for high people. I have written it down and added it to my list of Shows I Like Watching When I Am Toasted, along with all the reruns of cop shows. Damn that shit is funny when I'm high; even when I'm not high it's funny.

I guess I wouldn't know, though, now that I think about it. I'm pretty much always high.
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